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Trading Tools:

  1. SmarterSuite 2015 for eSignal and TradeStation
  2. Trading Tools Overview
  3. SmarterSuite Q&A and Discussion
  4. Get SmarterSuite for TradeStation
  5. Get SmarterSuite for eSignal
  6. Download Additional Studies for TradeStation and eSignal
  7. PowerTools (Smarter.Strategy) for eSignal (for those using PowerTools.EFS)
  8. Beta vs. Volatility Ratio

On Trading and Stock Picking: For more, see the Member Mailbag, The Playbook, Folk Finance, Unconventional Wisdom, and Real-Time Trading Session Archive sections below.

  1. The Glossary of Technical (Chart Pattern) Trade Setups
  2. What Investment Performance Numbers Really Mean
  3. Myth Busted: Trading for a Living
  4. Q&A: How Many Stocks, How Much to Risk, Drawdowns, Tight Stops
  5. Big Game Hunting with Bull Call (or Bear Put) Spreads
  6. Evaluating Buy and Sell Signals
  7. Own The Zone, 8 Chapters
  8. How to Find the Needle in a HayStack, 8 Parts
  9. Seven Steps to Better Stock Trading
  10. Trading Volatility Clusters
  11. Day-Trading E-mini Stock Index Futures
  12. E-mini Real-Time Trading Session Introduction (Video)
  13. Chart Reading, The Refresher Course
  14. October 2009 Trader Bootcamp Kickoff
  15. February 2010 Trader’s Workshop

On Portfolios:

Q&A: Member Mailbag

Other members may have already asked a question you have, so please take a look and add comments at the bottom of the article if you need clarification.

Folk Finance

You’ve heard of folklore, folk music and folk medicine, but what about folk finance, you know, the stuff that everyone believes but has weak theoretical foundations? It is necessary to know this stuff in order to exploit mistakes for profit. He-he.

Unconventional Wisdom

The lazy or uninformed will not accumulate wealth, save for dumb luck. If you have capital at stake in today’s economy or aspire to have a fate different from the masses, then you will benefit from knowing the unvarnished (and sometimes, awful) truth about trading and investing.

The Playbook

You will get more from this section than by paying thousands to attend seminars. Why? Because the June 2009 Chart Reading Refresher Course and the October 2009 Trader Bootcamp are online. There is also The Playbook of Discretionary Trade Setups, and an entire library of reference material for download. More below:

Real-Time Trading Session Archive

Download the video from each week’s trader training.

Recommended Reading

Before you trade or invest, take time to contemplate and understand some fundamental truths.